Big Damage 5 yo May 10, 2019

This Now 5yo Horse was born in Georgetown area on a Cool Early morning on May 10, 2014. I was Fortunate to have delivered such a Nice handsome colt that early morning… The Mare MEMA’S TURNING RED was a Great Mom.. We had a Big Complication as when i tried to Pull the Placenta a Big Piece Broke Off inside Mare.. with the Excellent Help and Multiples Flushings my Vet was Able to retrieve the Placenta Piece.. It was Too Late in the season to re-breed mare so we waited until 2015. this Colt has developed great and was Started initial training in July 2016 until Sept. then resumed July 2017 until Nov 2017.. then again Aug 2018… Unraced as he Sustained a Ankle injury and We Will See if he can Continue or become a Stallion 2020.

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